The Oddest Strudel

Here’s what I’ve cooked up for the Friday Fictioneers prompt this week. Much thanks goes to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who patiently hosts this flock of fiction fanatics. (My computer won’t do InLinkz, but you can click the blue frog on her blog to see this week’s smorgasbord.)

Special thanks also to Dale Rogerson for this week’s pizza photo prompt.

Photo © Dale Rogerson

The Odd Little House with the Odd Little Strudel

“Oh, Hansel! The birds ate all our crumbs! Now we’re lost.”

Her brother looked around desperately. “Wait…there’s a house! Maybe they’ll tell us the way home.”

The children ran to the cottage and knocked. “No one’s home.” Gretel sniffed. “But something smells delicious.”

“And I’m starving.” Hansel opened the door. “There it is… Whatever it is.” He hurried to the table, chopped off two chunks with a nearby knife, and handed one to his sister.

Hunger overpowered Gretel’s timidity. She bit into the odd food. “Mmm… But greasy. And this stringy cheese… Funniest strudel I’ve ever eaten.”

They heard someone cackle.

48 thoughts on “The Oddest Strudel

    1. It’s all a misunderstanding, actually. The poor old hag was coming home to finish off the pizza she’d paid for with her last few coins. Now these ill-mannered, intrusive, greedy urchins have gobbled it up and she’ll be left to starve. Have a little pity, eh. (I’ve been reading about Clarence Darrow’s courtroom tactics.)


    1. Thanks for your comment and glad you enjoyed my version. I do hate to see anyone scalded to death in the soup pot, even an old hag.
      Times have changed. Speaking of which, have you read the newest take on the old story, now called The Big Bad Pig and the Three Little Wolves?

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    1. Thanks for your comment. They probably need fattening up. As I recall this tale, the wicked step-mother badly mistreated them. Probably ate all the pizza herself.
      But now for the axe-wielding woodcutter to appear…or is that another fable?


  1. What a fun twist to the tale. I agree they should get away with it. I like the idea that she isn’t evil. Maybe she could adopt them and feed them pizza every day. I’m going to check out your other fairy tale rewrites now.


    1. Pizza is rather an acquired taste, I think. The first time I had pizza, I thought it was the most awful stuff. I didn’t have room to say that Hansel and Gretel gagged over the first bite. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.


  2. Bought pizza gives me indigestion. It’s far too dry and tasteless. I have to make my own with goat’s mature cheddar cheese and loads of other yummy stuff. It’s far tastier. Hansel and Gretel would definitely scoff the lot if I left it out, and they’d stink of garlic!


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