Winnie and the Genie

Time for another Friday Fictioneers tale. This may be a really off-beat reply to today’s prompt, but I was wanting to write about Winnie again. I kind of like her querulous personality. To read my other tales about Winnie, click here and here.

She and Raylene are home from their Florida trip and Winnie’s finding other interesting things. Today she’s visiting with Ernie Phelps, a retired friend and potential sweetheart.

Thanks for the photo prompt, Liz, and thanks again, Rochelle at Addicted to Purple for being such a patient and encouraging host to this FF group. I have to butter you up today, Rochelle, since my story is five words over the limit. I welcome suggestions from anyone as to how I can knock these five words off.

Photo prompt c. Liz Young

Winnie and the Genie

“Found it under them bushes. Oddest bottle I ever saw! I uncorked it and Poof! This female’s saying she’ll grant my every wish. One look at her and I says, ‘Back in this bottle right now, young lady.’ ”

Ernie’s jaw dropped. “You could’a been rich, Winnie! New house, fancy clothes…”

“Clothes? Ha! You should have seen her skimpy clothes. No…your ol’ ticker might’a stopped.”

“So where’s that bottle now?”

“In the lake. Sure wouldn’t want some man seeing that indecent outfit!”

Next morning Ernie headed for the coast. Entering a shop near the beach he pointed to a sign. “I want them scuba diving lessons.”

51 thoughts on “Winnie and the Genie

  1. Oh, that was a funny one! Believe it or not, it conjured up images of one of the elderly women that I used to care for. She was ever and always up in arms about my uniform saying it was ‘indecent to show one’s legs and arms like that’. I had on scrub pants and uniform top. Oh, thanks for the laugh of that memory. She was quite a funny little lady.


      • Oh, no, I’m not. I do believe I wore something that revealing or worse at a science fiction convention I used to attend, dressed as an Orion-Vulcan slave-girl. Wound up on TV news one night. My mom had a cow. The rest of the town thought it hilarious.


  2. Dear Christine,

    This made me laugh. As for the five extra words, many times I trim them from dialogue…or an adjective…adverb. Honestly I don’t get rattled about 5 extra words but last week I had two people go over by about 50 and have had several others in other weeks. I got kind of cranky about it.

    Tip: (my opinion, mind you and since you asked 😉 .) That next to the last could be trimmed to “In the lake.” She’s already described the genie’s skimpy outfit and what it would do to his ticker. Anyway, that’s how this kopf of mine works.



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  3. That was fun, Christine! Like Rochelle said, I usually cut it down in dialogue, cutting out pronouns or such… like we talk, ;0)


    • Taking up scuba diving lessons? 🙂
      I had a line in my story where Ernie asks Winnie how much gin she’d had before she saw this “ginie”, with a countering indignant reply from Winnie. but that really exceeded the 100-word limit.

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    • You must remember Ernie’s over seventy and his old ticker can only handle so much excitement in one day.
      Alas, Ernie’s plans came to naught. As I explained in another comment, when he found a bottle at the lake bottom he pulled the cork and peeked in to be sure it was the right bottle — and drowned the poor genie. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. 🙂


    • Thank you. Let’s say I really don’t believe in ghosts, so I don’t write about them. Mind you, I don’t believe in genies in bottles, either, but they just are more upbeat — not murdered people and the like.


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