Victims of Peace

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by the gentle and long-suffering Rochelle-Wisoff Fields. And today Sandra Cook, who blogs at castellsarrasin has offered the photo prompt, hoping it will get our creative juices flowing.

My response this week comes from a rather unusual source. Lately I’ve been contemplating one line from a 60’s song:  (House of the Rising Sun)
“I’ve got one foot on the Platform and one foot on the train…”

So which way will this person go? There’s probably a zillion ways a writer could portray this “point of decision” scenario, but I’ve come up with this one. Sorry, no chuckles today.

Ilisius tightened the backpack straps and showed Nakala the cord. “A good hard tug will set off the charge. Mix with the tourists; get into the Council chamber if possible. Take out as many as you can.”

Nakala’s voice trembled. “They say they want peace.”

Ilisuis snorted. “Peace! Never peace nor justice while these fiends rule. We must destroy them. Whenever, wherever.”

Later on the balcony with other tourists Nakala watched the councillors below discussing funding for a zoo. Two children nearby grinned at her, their eyes sparkling.

“The victims of peace,” she acknowledged as her fingers worried the fraying cord.

40 thoughts on “Victims of Peace

  1. Hated to like this but the writing was so d* good that I had to. A sad situation. Too real for today’s world.


    1. Thank you for the comment. I know exactly what you mean; I feel that way with a lot of the FF stories. I debated about the picture of the children at the bottom, hoping it wouldn’t take away from, but rather add to, the scene.

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    1. Shakespeare said, “there is a tide in the affairs of men…” Sometimes we get into a certain stream and maybe see undesired consequences, yet there’s hardly a way to turn and go back. I’m thinking this poor girl is in such a stream; if she doesn’t follow through she may well be executed for failing to carry out the plan.

      That said, I hope you’re right. Thanks for your comment.

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  2. Oh what a chilling end to your story. Did she or didn’t she? I choose to think the sight of the children convinced her not to.


    1. She may have been totally into the cause until she realized real people were going to be killed. Then ideology faded a bit. And now for sure she’s seeing the reality. Thanks for your comment.


  3. That was a truly chilling story. And how beautifully well have crafted it. I would like to believe she will have changed her plans after looking at the innocent children.


    1. I think a person can be totally convinced by ideologies and philosophies, but in the face of reality, things don’t seem so clear black and white anymore. I tried to put her at this point. Seems it would take a lot of hate and or blindness to follow through now. Thanks for your comment.


    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, prejudices are caught, taught, often drilled in.
      Thankfully even children get glimmers of an option at times. My dad was as WASP as they come, but so unhappy generally that I didn’t see his mindset as desirable.

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  4. Proof positive that the “chosen ones” do not always choose their tasks. This was very well written, Christine. Like many other, I so hope she chose the consequences of NOT pulling the cords…


    1. Thanks for your comment. I also hope she changes her mind and I hope she gets away with it. In real life I’ve read of cases where someone decides to show mercy to another or others, and Heaven comes through with “an angel of mercy” for them, too, so they don’t suffer for their choice.

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    1. I do hope so, on both counts. Most decisions we make in life seems to demand another. It will have looked so simple as long as she was being indoctrinated. But now, will she back out and face the consequences with Ilisius, or will she pull the cord?

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    1. I hope not, but we’ve seen how convinced people can be in the rightness of their cause. No matter what the cause, no matter where. I wanted to her this little reality check before she acts. Thanks for your comment.


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