Unique Father’s Day Verse

Back when my birth father was still alive I searched, often in vain, for appropriate greeting cards to give him, a man I hadn’t spent that much time with in my life. So nothing like “How much you mean to me,” seeing as, in all honesty, our relationship was mainly an acknowledgement of a biological fact.

These special days are a challenge for those of us who’ve had almost no relationship with the man who contributed to our existence. No “You were always there for me” or “You were always a shining example” kind of sentiments. A shining example he wasn’t and I think he’d be the first to admit it.

And you want to be honest about it. A friend told me she’d bought her mom — with whom she’d always had a distant relationship — a really sentimental card one year for Mother’s Day. When her mom read the verse, she said, “Well, this is nice. It isn’t true though.”

So you buy a blank card, scribble “Happy Father’s Day,” and give it with a box of chocolates. Then one day I decided to write a verse for offspring who haven’t had the greatest relationship with their fathers. This is what I came up with:

Hi Dad,

It doesn’t come through very well
to the younger generations
why grownups do the things they do–
those unseen motivations.
And sometimes kids get so upset,
stubborn, rebellious, too.
At times we clench our fists and swear
we’ll never be like you!

But Time has ways of teaching us,
then we look back and see
things more from your perspective
how you hoped that life would be.
Some times are precious memories;
sometimes were really sad;
sometimes I didn’t understand–
but now I thank you, Dad.


What would you write?

9 thoughts on “Unique Father’s Day Verse

      1. He was able. He made a choice. There were two reasons given 1. He didn’t think I should be getting married. 2. He and my mom had a nasty divorce. He said he absolutely couldn’t be in the same room as mom, despite it being my wedding day. It has hurt my relationship with him, as well as causing a huge rift between him and my husband.


      2. It’s so sad when someone’s pride or stubbornness spoils a wonderful day. I made the mistake of sending my Dad a wedding invitation. He took it as an insult and refused to walk me down the aisle. Thankfully a friend talked sense to him and smoothed things over in time.

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      3. I’m glad that friend was able to help your dad see what was important. I will forever be heartbroken that it wasn’t my dad walking me down the aisle, but I also try to look at it as his loss. I still married the man I loved, who I am still in love with and who is now the father of my child.


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