Not in the Job Description

It seems this week the plan for the Friday Fictioneers is to take a road trip somewhere, courtesy of Ted’s photo prompt. This picture has been chosen for us by our encouraging host, Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields. Please note: all photos are property of the photographer, donated for use in Friday Fictioneers only.

Sad to say, last Thursday my cell phone fried its inner workings instead of properly charging. Since my cell phone has been my only connection to Friday Fictioneers — my computer refuses to visit Inlinkz — I was in offline mode and missed reading a lot of the responses. To make matters worse, in the process it cracked its Blue tooth so no data could be transferred, which means my icon was lost along with everything else. 😦

The good news is: on Tuesday I got this neat little Samsung phone with all the bells and whistles. 🙂
The bad news is: I still have to figure out how to use it.
The even better news is: along with my new phone I got a tablet! I’ve been wanting one for awhile now.
The bad news is: I still have to figure out how to use it. 😦

But I trust with one or the other I’ll be able to post my FF response, so here’s my tale. (I’m going to assume this photo setting as the on-ramp to a bridge.)

Photo prompt © Ted Strutz

The young husband frantically waves to the guard and indicates his wife, who’s obviously in serious distress.

The guard signals him to follow and dashes to his emergency vehicle. “Another one,” he calls to his partner as he jumps in and flips on the flasher.

His partner hops in beside him. “What’s with this bridge anyway that so many babies want to be born on it?”

“An easy landing for storks?” The guard glances in his mirror to be sure the couple is keeping up.

His partner’s looking pale. “Sure wish they’d pick a hospital roof. I don’t deliver well.”

31 thoughts on “Not in the Job Description

      1. So many of my young friends just schedule to go in to be induced these days. Docs wouldn’t do that back in the day unless there was a clear and present danger.


  1. P.S. I got a new phone about two months ago, still figuring it all out. I didn’t get an iPhone this time–much less expensive to go with the plan I chose, and an android phone. I love the phone. Always figuring out another feature as I use it 🙂

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    1. Probably was. But nowadays… When my daughter went in for her second, the nurses at the hospital looked at her and said, “You’re not near ready to have your baby. Why don’t you just go home and relax for awhile. Home was an hour away and she knew that wouldn’t work, so they got fast food and sat in the parking lot, half an hour later she went back into the hospital and got the same answer.
      Well, she was getting rather weary of this run-around and said, “Will you please CHECK.” So they did and “Oh, my goodness! You’re ready to deliver!”
      They told her later, “We always tell by how panicked the mom-to-be looks, and you didn’t look all that panicked or distressed yet, so we thought you couldn’t possibly be that ready to give birth.”

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      1. Like I said…in your flash, I say it must be their first. In your daughter’s her second so she’s calmer… mind you, some freak out on every single baby…

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  2. I am laughing at this, but having experienced the construction on the Brent Spence Bridge this past weekend, it’s no where near funny. We left home to make the typically 30 min trip up to Ohio from Florence, Ky. We got there 3 hours later and running on fumes. It’s going to be a loooong summer, and I’m sure that there’s going to be more than one baby born on the bridge, and heaven forbid it, but maybe a suicide or two from people stuck on the span! ARGH!


    1. Thanks for your comment. I really hope people aren’t jumping off. Patience is a virtue. 🙂
      Since you know OH, I have a little tale for you. One time we and friends, in their van, crossed at Buffalo heading south-west, with our destination near Canton OH. My hubby was the front-seat passenger, map in hand, looking for the highway connection at Youngstown that would send us toward the west. That road appeared to connect with the one we were on and he was watching closely but he didn’t see any signs. We passed through towns and he couldn’t find them on the map.
      Finally everyone was so thirsty and the little ones needed a potty, so we stopped at a place called East Liverpool — and discovered we were only a few miles from the WV & PA borders. I really wish we’d kept on going those extra miles—I’d have loved to see the reactions when we spied the “Welcome to West Virginia” sign. 🙂
      In reality you had to take a jog over in Youngstown to catch the road we wanted.

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      1. Oh, I have to laugh at that one. I had a similar experience when we first moved to Ky. I set out one day just to explore. You can do this in Ohio because every road does indeed lead somewhere, eventually. Let me warn you, that’s NOT the case here in Ky. Some roads will go from pavement to grave, to dirt, to footpath. Annnnd, you can’t just go around the block here, either. That said, I set out to go around the proverbial block… drive down a road until there’s an intersection, turn right – repeat until you’re back where you started. Did that and ended up almost driving into the river more than once. Finally, I came upon a little general store in the middle of nowhere, river’s edge. I stopped, went in and asked what the river was. ‘Ohiya’ they said. ‘ok, so that’s Ohio, then?’ ‘Nope, Indy.’ ‘Oh, so, exactly what state am I in?’ ”Tuckee’ The cashier literally laughed at the point. I explained I was lost which led to outright guffaws. Finally, she contained her laughter long enough to say I was at “Rabbit Hash” The famous Rabbit Hash. ‘Wow! I’ve heard about it.’ So, she intro’d me to the mayor, a fat yellow cat. Felt like a twilight zone moment. Then, she gave me directs back to the “city” as she called Florence. Directs were “Go down this road till ya’ geet to three tall pines on corner… don’t turn there. Keep on till ya’ geet to the ol’ gas – wait it ain’ there no more. They’red be a vacant spot at that corner. Turn Left, go to the ol’ So-andSo’s place… ye don’ know em doya? (sig) They’d be a green house there, turn lef’ ‘gin. Follow that road to town. Stop at the petrol ask them.’ You can imagine the adventure. Took 6 hours to get back home. I’ve since learned, that if I’d gone the opposite way on the same road I’d come out about 3 miles down to the main road. The games played with the lost. HEheee!

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