The Scenic Route

Blazing A New Trail

For some reason this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt inspired me with another take on this scene, so I hope you’ll all bear with me.

In our early married life — back when GPS hadn’t entered its inventor’s dreams yet — my adventurous husband eschewed maps. As we wandered our way through new territory he would occasionally quote Daniel Boone, which went something like:
“I’m never lost. I may go for weeks not knowing where exactly I am…but I’m never lost.”

I’ve created another driver with the same adventurous soul — who took a wrong turn somewhere.

Photo © Ted Strutz

“Well, Dan’l Boone,” Dot Kentucky-twanged as their car pulled into the ferry crossing line behind several others. “New territory to explore?”

Jay frowned. “I’m not lost. Maybe somewhat misplaced at the moment.”

Colton, their youngest, stared over the back seat. “We’re going on a boat? There’s never been a river on the way to Grandpas before.”

“This isn’t Route 85, either,” Clark added. “When will we connect with that again?”

“A little miscalculation. Hang in there, guys. We’ll get there.”

“Okay, you two.” Dot threw them a quick glare-and-wink. “Dad’s taking the scenic route this time. Let’s enjoy the view.”

38 thoughts on “The Scenic Route

  1. Well, at least I’ve never been that lost! Although there was the dark night in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania when I almost drove into the river. That would never happen nowadays with Google maps to guide me, right?
    – from the ‘adventurous’ husband.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. However, I don’t believe any of them wanted to end up in Rome. 🙂
      And I beg to differ that all men have a natural sense of direction because I do think mine is better than my husband’s.


    1. I’ve heard that one before. Actually we all know where we want to end up — it’s just the way there that throws us. 😉
      When I’m lost I tend to stop immediately and call someone or ask directions from a local. Hubby prefers to work it out by trying roads that lead in the general direction — and he usually finds his way. But I remember one day he tried this and that, finally didn’t know where we were at and wondered if I had any idea. That time I could offer some helpful advice: he had to turn around and go back the way he came, right to the point where he turned left instead of right. Point for me! 🙂


  2. My husband loathed getting lost. He was one of those guys who could ask directions – and would – 25 times if he had to. He would literally break into a sweat as soon as he had the slightest feeling of not knowing where he was going. I used to tease him mercilessly about it. Once, when I went away for a weekend alone, when I got back, I told him – “Know what I did… I took a road the I had no idea where it would end up!” He looked at me with that hardy-har-har Eff-you look! 😛

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    1. I don’t get in a panic, but I would definitely start asking or digging out a map rather than wander lost for a long time. One time when we were in Missouri and were invited to a new acquaintance’s home for supper, we actually spent two hours looking for the place, criss-crossing all the country roads in 25 square-mile area before heading back to town to phone our hosts. We arrived after 8pm for our 6pm supper. (Hurray for cell phones!!)

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      1. I hear you. Had a chick getaway for a weekend. There was construction and Google maps didn’t know how to get us out! Took us 2 hours to drive a 30-min drive!

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  3. Fortunately, the scenic route is the ONLY way across the river in a timely manner these days. Park in one state and walk across the purple people bridge to the other, catch a bus on the Ohio side…just a suggestion… Grrr… 🙂 Love your story!

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  4. Such a lovely story though I believe the actual moments would have been more about arguments and tension rather than smiles and fun .so thoroughly enjoyed reading your words especially because they are relatable .


    1. Thank you. You may be right, though some of these “moments” are decided more by a person’s nature than by circumstance. There are some personalities given to “don’t sweat the small stuff”, seeing the humor and making the best of things. And there are some types who are usually on edge, expecting things to go RIGHT and any little deviation ticks them off.
      The big problem is that these two types are often married to each other. 😉

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