The Ages of Women

Another Friday Fictioneers prompt has come around and I’m cheating a bit this time. I’ve had this story in mind ever since I read about the three ages of women. No, I can’t claim credit for this bit of wisdom. it apparently comes from a Scottish grandma — whose name I of course can’t locate now when I want it. 😦

I realized lately that my new cell phone has no frowny faces, only variations of Happy-face. Is this a giant plot by a multinational corporation to force callers to make cheerful replies?

Anyway, with a happy smile I want to thank Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this multi-aged group of writers — and for this week’s photo prompt as well. If you wish to join the gang in responding to this prompt, check out Rochelle’s blog, Addicted to Purple. (Does someone care to offer a countering “Three ages of men” version?)

Photo prompt © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The Three Ages of Women

Helen squeezed Hazel’s arm. “I’m so glad you decided to join me on this trip. Travel’s much more enjoyable with a friend.”

“Well, I had been thinking I should stay home. Thought my children might not be able to manage without my helpful advice. Older and wiser, you know. Then a friend enlightened me on the three ages of a woman: ‘Muddle age, middle age, and meddle age’.

Helen’s laughter echoed in the narrow passage. “I’ll remember that one.”

Hazel grinned. “So I decided I’d better get some new interests in life before I slip into that last one.”

63 thoughts on “The Ages of Women

  1. That was wonderful, Christine!
    BY the way, your link isn’t working to bring us directly to this story but we still find you by clicking on your blog title…


  2. Dear Christine,

    As others have said, and rightfully so, this is delightful. I hope not to slip into the third age. Good one! I think we’ve got your link working now.




  3. Dear Christine, Love your story and I guess I’m considered meddle age by now – Oh, No – I love my children, their wives and all the grand babies. I would really hate to meddle in their lives. Thank goodness I had a good example for a mother-in-law that I absolutely adored! Additionally, I love your opening pretty picture! Nan


  4. Peels of happy laughter and enjoyment of this read ensue! Loved it. Oh, muddles and middles, I see a new one coming, better go hide.


    1. But then who will advise the younger generation? 🙂 I read one time a little article asking why it is so many people have mother-in-law troubles and far fewer have trouble with their fathers-in-law. I’ve tried to remember that. This little quote puts it in a nutshell. Thanks for your comment, Michael.


  5. Last fall, my wife and her sister (10 years my wife’s senior) went with a group on a “cooking tour” of Italy. It lasted three weeks and they had a blast.


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