Songs of Rejoicing

children balloons

by Edgar Guest

Songs of rejoicing,
of love and of cheer,
are the songs that I’m yearning for
year after year.
The songs about children
who laugh in their glee
are the songs worth the singing,
the bright songs for me.

Songs of rejoicing,
of kisses and love,
of faith in the Father,
Who sends from above
the sunbeams to scatter
the gloom and the fear;
these songs worth the singing
the songs of good cheer.

Songs of rejoicing,
oh, sing them again,
the brave songs of courage
appealing to men.
Of hope in the future
of heaven the goal;
those songs of rejoicing
that strengthen the soul.

From his book, Just Folks
©1917 by The Reilly & Britton Company

6 thoughts on “Songs of Rejoicing

    1. Good for you if you’ve found contentment and are enjoying life as it comes. Edgar Guest was a poet who urged folks to take responsibility for themselves, make the best of things, do what they could to make the world a better place, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. It would be good for our society to relearn some of those virtues. 🙂

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      1. Contentment was the wrong word, satisfied maybe? Sorry Christine, as much as I enjoy the past authors such as EG and all they still stand for, I fear, as much as I have tried, I have too much larseny in me, Hence my new silly little story. Don’t dispair,

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