8 thoughts on “Priorities

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    Thanks, Kid Mentalist.


  2. I am thinking of participating in NaNoWriMo this year, the first time since 2014. I’m not sure I’ll manage it. As a panster, I don’t plan ahead so will just start on Day 1 and see what happens. Well done on being far more organised, and Good Luck.


    • Can you really just open a file on Day One and invent characters, setting, plot, events, etc? I’d spend all morning staring at the computer wondering who to write about — Unless I was closely copying another story’s opening chapters to start with.


      • No, and I’m not starting with absolutely nothing. I do have a character and an opening scene, and I know that I will end at the beginning. For the first time I am attempting to write a book in the first person present tense. I don’t like reading books like that, but they are popular, and first person present tense works for short stories. My character is standing on a cliff at the start, and then tells you how she got there, probably using the past tense, but she is still on the cliff at the end…. At least that’s the vague outline. I have now real idea of what happens in the middle. I’ll be stealing from life and hoping it works 🙂

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      • Sounds interesting. I’ve read lots of books are in First person and it works well. Just finished Renee Pawlish’s Reed Ferguson novella, Cool Alibi, Reed being a detective that fancies himself Sam Slade but seriously lacks finesse.

        I guess the most important factors in books now are “How much has she learned?” and/or “How has she changed?” through the story, from Page one to last Page.


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