Snow, Woe and Micro-Tales

We’ve had a fair bit of snow this past week; our world is quite dazzling white now. And it has been COLD! Yesterday our grandson, now working for his dad doing snow removal, came with a loader and cleaned out our driveway. Hard to realize he’s big enough, and mature enough, to operate such big machinery. How the years do fly!

I’ve been besieged by a new ailment this week. Old Arthritis in disguise. Monday morning my right foot — particularly my big toe — started to hurt. The pain has gotten worse, the swelling increased. Looks and feels like a genuine “club foot” now as I limp around the house. Not very nice.

Heading into Week Two of NaNoWriMo today and I’m well on the way as scenes keep coming to me for my story. Since I’ll be doing a lot of sitting this week anyway, maybe I can aim to have my 50k words written by Sunday night. 🙂 Then comes the edit — though I am editing a bit as I go along. Even if it reduces my overall word count, I will take out unwanted words and fix typos. Don’t like leaving a mess to clean up later.

Speaking of writing, I just got an e-mail telling me that one of my newest 100-word stories was published on The Drabble this morning. You might call this crime fiction — or you might not. You can read it here: “I Confess”

14 thoughts on “Snow, Woe and Micro-Tales

    1. I iced my foot for awhile this morning and it’s feeling better this afternoon. Maybe that’s the secret. It was quite swollen. 😦
      My story scenes are coming to me one by one as I write. I’m actually amazed it’s working out so well. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

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  1. First we couldn’t get the summer to leave, and suddenly, bang, winter. We are expecting snow, too and we aren’t ready for it! There are times when living in the north don’t seem worth the effort. It IS beautiful, but oh the arthritis!

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  2. Congratulations re/ your published story. Sorry about the foot, but aren’t you glad you have a passion that doesn’t involve having to move around to pursue it? A perfect time to have an infirmity if you have to have it sometime. Are you sure it isn’t gout? Sounds so painful. Get well, friend. In the meantime, enjoy submerging yourself in those worlds of words.

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    1. Yes, I believe it was gout and it was painful. My foot swelled up across the top and I could only walk on the side of it for a day or two. Mostly cleared up by Friday and my foot is better in general, though I was feeling soreness again this morning. I wore shoes yesterday; maybe that’s caused it. Today I’m back to socks and staying home. 🙂

      Bit by bit my Nano novel is coming to me. I have over 25k words written now and hope to do a good slug again today, being home alone all afternoon. I have to watch that I don’t get lost in the research, though. My story takes place in 1957, so needs a fair bit.

      Do you remember the ’56 Plymouth Belvedere? One of my characters bought a new one and I’m wondering if it would have had a padded dash. Was upholstery was real leather back then or just vinyl? I love research, but I’d better get on with the story. Thanks for your comment 🙂


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