Older By A Thumb

An older woman sat in the doctor’s waiting room next to a mother and her young son. Being a grandmother herself, she smiled at the little boy and said “Hi. What’s you name?”

He shyly stared at her for a moment, then said, “Jordan.”

“And how old are you, Jordan?”

“I’m four,” The lad proclaimed, holding out his hand with his four fingers raised.

“Oh, that’s good. And when will you be five?”

The boy looked up at her, puzzled. He looked up at his mom and she gently repeated the question. “When will you be five? Can you tell her?”

The boy looked at his hand, turned back to the older woman and said, “When I stick out my thumb. Like this.” He opened his hand wide. “Then I’m five.”

(Adapted from a cute story I read once.)

10 thoughts on “Older By A Thumb

    1. Glad you enjoyed this little tale and thanks for leaving your comment.
      Some wise person once said, “Children are born lawyers.” Their ability to use logic and argue their case is amazing, especially when they want something, or to get out of something. 🙂

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