It’s Free

Leaving the hotel
she packs the stationery
for letters she’ll never write,
the coffee packets
she might brew at home
and the mini shampoo
she’ll give to her niece
who collects little bottles.

3 thoughts on “It’s Free

  1. As a former motel owner, I expected people to take those little things. We just included them in our cost of running a business. But when they took ashtrays, pillows, towels, and even a waste basket, that was just beyond my understanding.

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    1. I agree; I take anything I’ve opened but don’t fault anyone for taking/using those minor things. I was with a relative one day and they took anything and everything free—thankfully not pillows, etc. Towels I don’t know; I didn’t see her pack. Some places now state, more tactfully, if the towels are gone you’ll be billed for them. And most everything else is chained down these days.

      What I had in mind was taking stuff just because it’s there — and it becomes more clutter at home. Like taking the stationery when the person NEVER writes letters, taking coffee they’ll never drink, or bottles of lotion when they already have a dozen or so at home, unused as yet. Or loading up on jam packets in a restaurant — then giving it away later because they’re diabetic.

      I visited my birth father in the hospital years ago and he was trying to figure a way to snitch the little glasses he got his juice in. A nurse on the maternity ward told my daughter some mothers steal the breast pumps, not thinking they’re battery operated and need the charger (fastened to the wall) or they’re no good. Theft gets pretty ridiculous.

      Thanks for your comment. I’m sure you could tell lots of interesting tidbits as a former motel owner. 🙂

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