Sympathies To Humboldt Folks

Another Funeral Today

I haven’t mentioned anything about our provincial tragedy yet, but thought I’d post something today and offer my sympathies to the families and community of Humboldt, SK.

Funerals have been ongoing this week — one is starting as I post this — for the ten Humboldt Broncos hockey team players, their coach, assistant coach, statistician, team therapist, a broadcaster and the bus driver who died as a result of a major road accident. If I have it right, ten other team members are still in hospital, two in critical condition.

Last week Friday the team was on its way to a game in Nipawin, SK. The bus was passing through an intersection when a loaded semi approaching from the side ran the stop sign and crashed into the front of their bus. The photos of the accident scene showed the bus on its side with its whole front end totally destroyed.

This morning we watched to a replay of the vigil held Sunday afternoon in Humboldt, where the Teams chaplain delivered an evangelical message. He spoke about the need to connect with God and walk with Him through this dark valley of death. The Pastor wasn’t glib or full of soothing words. He asked, “Where Wwas God? and where is God now?”

The Pastor had been driving his own kids to watch the hockey game and he arrived at the accident scene a few moments after the crash. He went along to the hospital, seeing first hand the suffering of the dying, the survivors. One sad part that came out in the news was that the injured were so battered, the father of one team member, an ER doctor, couldn’t identify his own son.

When news of the accident hit the media, President Donald Trump sent a message of condolence to Prime Minister Trudeau and the families involved. Anti-Trump media may perhaps find some fault, but we Canadians appreciate the kind gesture. That a US President, with all he has on his plate, would take note of an accident here in western Canada and send a note of sympathy, shows a compassionate side to the man.

The recording camera caught a few shots of Justin Trudeau, sitting in the crowd gathered in the Humboldt arena for the service. A number of prominent Canadians attended this service to pay their respects and show support. Team members who’ve died were between 16 and 21, the youth of the community. This is a major blow, with so many homes suffering a direct loss and ten more where health issues will be ongoing. We feel with them in their loss.

9 thoughts on “Sympathies To Humboldt Folks

  1. Christine, this is truly heartbreaking. I can and will pray for the families as they absorb this unbelievable loss. I am glad our President responded with kindness and sympathy. In his private capacity over the years he has often helped those in physical need who could not afford the care necessary. Because the Leftist agenda is to destroy him, almost nothing is ever mentioned about this humanitarian side of Donald Trump. His own son is 11 or 12 now, and I imagine he could well picture such a terrible loss for every family involved.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I can’t imagine how the whole community is feeling, but as I said, we were really impressed by the pastor’s message.

      I know what you mean; it seems DT is attacked viciously by the media for everything he does. I know it’s all about AGENDA but it gets ridiculous when he gets slammed even for making a large charitable donation.

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  2. I Agree with your comments.Condolences to the families of the victims, and thanks to Mr Trump. Yes. he is attacked for whatever he does. When we hear that Swift Current people have not yet recovered after loosing 4 people back in 1986, then I cannot imagine the suffering of the people of Humboldt. Wayne


    1. Thanks for leaving your comment, Wayne. I suppose incidents like this remind us all that even the healthiest, liveliest young folks have no guarantee of years ahead.

      At the vigil, the pastor talked of a game he’d watched at a pool one day. Floatables were tossed in the pool and each player got “one breath” to dive in, swim under water and grab (or move?) something. He went on to say that life may be as short one breath — and how are you going to use yours? Will you show you care? Encourage someone? Spend it being angry? Be bitter because of what’s happened?

      As for Pres Trump, we Canadians have newsman Conrad Black to give us (what Bob & I think is) a fairly balanced take on US politics and media reactions. Mind you, we’re cynics. We saw during the Quebec referendum, and a few times while we lived in QC, just how the media can manipulate the facts to impart their personal bias rather than the truth.


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