Two Haiku

Posted on Treetop Haiku this morning:

moments at a time
days trickle past — raindrops
slipping down the pane

And here’s another, thought up after a walk by the slough, observing —and seemingly observed by — all the cattail heads:

cattails in the slough
crowd watching a parade pass
the elephant waves

13 thoughts on “Two Haiku

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’ll have to check that one out. In my understanding a marsh is much bigger than a slough, where spring run-off may only fill a low spot of five or so acres, some maybe a quarter section. Smaller ones dry up in summer; usually a good hay-making spot.

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      1. And Hedgerow:

        Caroline Skanne is very nice, and she’s also the Managing Editor for Blithe Spirit (British Haiku Society journal) so I’ve interacted with her a lot, first of all with Hedgerow, when submitting work from early on, and then meeting her in person, and then emailing as we are both interim editors for Blithe Spirit.

        So perhaps save some up, rather than post them all on your blog, and give it a go sometime.

        warm regards,


    1. Thanks for your comment, Keith. 🙂 Some of my haiku do have a blue tinge.
      I’m constantly amazed at how time “runs out”; I guess the thought makes me melancholic at times. I wasn’t feeling that way when I wrote it, but two days ago we got word that Bob’s cousin passed –at almost 95, after a well lived, happy life. Then yesterday we had to put our dear old Panda cat to rest — age fifteen, likewise enjoyed a good, pampered life. This morning I’m REALLY melancholic.


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