Two Haiku

Posted on Treetop Haiku this morning:

moments at a time
days trickle past — raindrops
slipping down the pane

And here’s another, thought up after a walk by the slough, observing —and seemingly observed by — all the cattail heads:

cattails in the slough
crowd watching a parade pass
the elephant waves

13 thoughts on “Two Haiku

    • Thanks for your comment, Keith. 🙂 Some of my haiku do have a blue tinge.
      I’m constantly amazed at how time “runs out”; I guess the thought makes me melancholic at times. I wasn’t feeling that way when I wrote it, but two days ago we got word that Bob’s cousin passed –at almost 95, after a well lived, happy life. Then yesterday we had to put our dear old Panda cat to rest — age fifteen, likewise enjoyed a good, pampered life. This morning I’m REALLY melancholic.


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