Swiss cheese

Just-for-fun haiku:

mice in the pantry
the cheese is all Swiss
sculptors at work

Great Book:

Book Blurb has just informed me that Going to Green is being offered for free right now.  Do check it out.

I read this book last winter and thought it was a good and inspiring story. Chicago news desk reporter Lois finds herself an heir in the will of a colleague who just died of leukemia. She inherits the small-town newspaper he’d just bought in the South. For his sake she ventures into an unknown place and discovers her calling — and a minefield.

I’ve just read the second book in the series, Goodness Gracious Green and found it equally enjoyable. (Spoiler alert: Loved the ending!) Judy Christie is a skillful writer and weaves a great tale.

6 thoughts on “Swiss cheese

  1. Intrigued by haiku just for fun, so here’s one about mice at Christmas, inspired by you know what poem. 🙂

    a midnight window
    the quiet sorting of gifts
    by mice for christmas

    Alan Summers

    Lagan Online (Northern Ireland)
    Small Words: Haiku, Limericks and Palindromes

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    1. Hello Alan
      I saw your comment when it came in and thought I’d put a LIKE on it, but then with our coming and going last week I’ve only now seen that I haven’t replied in any way. So sorry. 😦
      I really do like you little mice haiku-just-for-fun! Thanks for contributing it here.

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    1. Thanks for the link. The girl will be rather disappointed when she discovers the answer.
      I suspect that poem has been the launching pad for many take-offs. 🙂 The possibilities are enormous. But your haiku is the neatest mini-version I’ve seen. 🙂

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      1. Ah, I wonder if it’s a coming of age. Although as a Professional Santa (true!) I’ve met people of all ages who still get wowed by seeing Santa, and being able to talk to him. 🙂

        Love your haiku!

        I’m lucky enough to be helping someone get a christmas haiku sequence going, can’t say more, but it will be brilliant. 🙂


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