Getting the Scoop

Many thanks to Rochelle for hosting this Friday Fictioneers group and faithfully sending us prompts to set our computer keys a-dancing.  CLICK HERE to join the fun. This morning before I even saw the prompt I was inspired to write something this time. Now how can I resist with such an opportune prompt?

This unique photo was submitted by Connie Gayer — possibly taken at her peril. At least I wouldn’t want to get that close to anyone with a shovelful of mud. I suspect the subject here will need a bath in more ways than one after this week is over. 😉

Photo c Connie Gayer

Book Review: Getting the Scoop

In this fabulous book gardening guru Russell Gayer gives valuable tips on growing everything from soup to nuts. Readers will be impressed by the list of awards he expects to win.

Full color illustrations throughout. In this photo he demonstrates how to plant peanuts, a underground crop. According to Gayer, the deeper you plant them the more peanuts you’ll harvest.

He does warn readers, though: “Before working the soil you should verify with your city engineer’s office just how deep the sewer lines are installed in your area, if you want to produce nuts and not soup.”

38 thoughts on “Getting the Scoop

  1. Dear Christine,

    Actually I think there’s more peril for Russell if he dares cross Connie. 😉 I love this! I’m sure we’re all in for some dandy rebuttals from himself. (At least I hope so.) Well played, my dear.



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  2. No tasty soup, but just think what all else you might unearth!

    Watch out for buried electrical cables, though. I jabbed a shovel into the earth one day to remove a tiny tree that had sprung up among the ferns and there was this SNAP, followed by a little puff of smoke… I’d punctured some previous owner’s “home handyman wiring the garage.” job. 🙂

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    1. Remember, he’s only planting the nuts. Though perhaps he should go with watermelon. Shame to have all that liquid go to waste. 😉
      Thanks for your comment, Trent. Don’t leave any undesirable photos of yourself lie around, eh.

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  3. Another fun write with Russell at the front of it all. This photo prompt has put
    everyone in a fun summer mood. YAY … to Connie for giving us the tools to enjoy a little merriment.
    Your review was spot on … loved it. I kinda wanted to get a copy.
    Isadora 😎


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