Word Whirl


Bewildered bug, disturbed,
its black eyes processing
gigantic me squatting here
trembling in fear.

In dread of exposure
to its serried teeth,
its hairied, harried feet
gamboling on my anatomy,

and lest I contract
some rare disease
that leaves me limp
or straightens me in my bed,

I abandon my study
of entomology,
my general philosophy
of “live and let live,”
end its peaceful existence—
and compose this silly poem.



Prompt words for today:
Daily Addictions: GIGANTIC
Word of the day: EXPOSURE
Your Daily Word: GAMBOL
Scott’s Daily Prompt: STRAIGHTEN

17 thoughts on “Word Whirl

  1. hahha
    super fun and I knew an entomologist who had dead bugs everywhere (on a board and organized) and this was nature beauty to live and let live while being curious about the little creature

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      1. really – grasshoppers? Well they need to get moving on… ha

        – and for about a decade we used to have grasshoppers get stuck in our garage and they made so much noise. But that no longer happens – and wonder if the biodiversity around our house is getting too sterile – hm

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      2. When grasshoppers are “bad” around here, you’re looking at one for every two-inch square. I’ve seen summers where they were so thick they’d hit the windshield every 20 feet or so and the shoulders would be littered with their bodies. 😦

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      3. oh wow – sounds almost like a plague – lol
        and makes me not miss ours anymore.
        and the funny thing is I never realized this for us until I read your comment – I forgot how we always had grasshoppers in the garage and now we don’t – hm = funny how we miss things at times

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  2. Bugs outside, in their own environment, deserve to “live and let live.” But once they enter my domain, where the don’t belong, the only thing they deserve is to be crushed!

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