Stretched in the Telling

One-Liner Wisdom:

“A Tale never loses in the telling.”
— Old Scottish Proverb

Abby started the conversation soon after the three wives met at the fitness center. “Have you heard that Jim and Fran’s daughter left home? Someone said all was not well between her and her folks and she decided to move out.”

Bonnie replied, “No, it sure wasn’t. At least from what I heard, Vikki was convinced her folks wanted to marry that young man from Texas and she wasn’t having any of it. She left home in quite a huff.”

Cathy added, “I remember that fellow. I was with them there at that huge family reunion in Texas. I was pretty sure they wanted their two daughters along in the hopes they’d meet some nice young men there.”

“I heard they practically dragged the girls along.” Abby gave her friends a knowing look. “And then they invited that young man to come visit them here. Talk about fanning the flames!”

Bonnie arched her brow cynically. “They made sure the girls spent lots of time with him while he was here in Plimton, too. Had to take him here and there, and the girls found him such a pain, expecting so much all the time. Vikki supposedly couldn’t stand him.”

Cathy nodded. “Yeah, I heard that, too. I’m guessing when her folks started putting pressure on her to think about marrying him, she just couldn’t handle it and moved out.”

Bonnie nudged her friends and whispered, “Cool it! Here comes Fran now.”

The three friends all blushed a bit when Fran walked up and greeted them innocently. “Morning, girls. Ready to tread the mills and press the pounds.”

Abby nodded enthusiastically. “I am. But I was wondering if you’d be in the mood for gym today. I heard your Vikki moved out yesterday.”

“That’s right. Of course we’ll miss her, but she got the chance to room together with her good friend Sue. They’ve both gotten jobs with the same company over in Vicksboro now, so living together and sharing expenses is going to work out well for them. That is, until one of them gets married.”

“Oh. Any prospects in that department?” Bonnie winked.

“Well, you’ve likely heard that Vikki’s met a fellow from Vicksboro. That was part of her incentive to move there. And she wants her independence. I did, too, at that age. We think this will be good for both girls.”

“Really?” Cathy’s forehead wrinkled. “I thought maybe she had something going with that fellow from Texas. The one who visited you last month.”

“Oh, please! Never. He wanted to do some job research here in Plimton and asked if he could stay with us.” Fran opened her locker and tossed in her handbag. “I’m glad the girls were willing to show him around, but no way would we want him for a son-in-law.”

“He seemed nice enough,” said Cindy.

“Well, yes…in some ways. And I don’t want to be too hard on him — or spread any rumors — but we found him still…well…rather immature. Jim and I weren’t all that eager for him to come in the first place, but he insisted he wouldn’t be any bother at all.” She laughed. “Guess he hasn’t met himself yet.”

Cindy smiled, obviously a little embarrassed. “Sure glad you could come today. It’s good to get the facts straight.”

“Yeah. You know how rumors spread.” Abby gave the others a quick wink and they all headed for the exercise area.

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Also used the Word of the Day ChallengeINDEPENDENCE

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