Easy on the Paint, Eh

Pausing to describe the engine in detail, she lost the train of thought.

Fandango’s one word challenge:  CURTAIL

I like short, easy-to-work-with words! 🙂 My response for this word is an excerpt from Stephen Leacock’s book:
Published by The Bodley Head Ltd

Taken from Chapter 5: The Art of Narration:

The description of scenes and of persons, of wind and weather, becomes an essential part of the art of narration. It gives the background of the stage where fiction walks. The cultivation of the art of description becomes a very necessary part of training in writing.
However…remember that description — outside of a summer resort folder or a public list of persons wanted — is not the main purpose of fiction. It ought…never be allowed to overdo its part…to block the current of the narrative and bring it to a full stop, just as the reader’s interest and excitement is being carried forward with a rush.


My husband’s mom used to say, quoting her dad about constructing furniture:
“A few nails should be all you need to hold the thing together. And if a few nails don’t hold it, many nails won’t hold it, either.”

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