A Mosquito’s Expectation

A mosquito and I
enjoy the evening air
both of us well fed.

It expects
I’ll stick around
for its continued dining
I know

it’s going to be thwarted.

It expects
life to hum along forever.
I know
how brief
life can be.


My response to today’s Word of the Day Challenge: EXPECTATION
This verse, initially a simple haiku, somehow sprouted branches.


4 thoughts on “A Mosquito’s Expectation

      1. I bought a wonderfult little device at at electrical shop here–the Mexican equivalent of Radio Shack, probably. You plug it in to any wall outlet and it emits a blue light. Mosquitos are attracted to it and get stuck in stick tape along the back. I have not had a mosquito in my house since I plugged it in. It is amazing. The light could be annoying if you plug it in within vision, but mine is behind my bed so I never face it head-on. The shop here that sells them in Sterin but I think it is a Mexican franchise. So much better than the zappers!

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      2. That sounds like a great device.
        While I complain about mosquitoes and get huge red welts from their bites, we actually have very few these days—and almost never in the house. We haven’t put up a bug zapper for a couple of years, rather use the spot for a hummingbird feeder.


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