Rainstorm Passes Through

I  think this will fit with Fandango’s writing prompt this morning, which is COMMOTION.

Dark clouds and lightening on western horizon when we went to bed last night; the storm system crept closer in the wee hours. By 4 am the thunder was booming over our heads, plus the sound of pouring rain. After weeks of almost nothing we received almost an inch on Tuesday night and I’m sure our rain gauge will show as much again this morning. (We may be almost all metric here in Canada, but folks hereabouts still measure rain in inches — though Environment Canada gives stats in millimetres.)

I couldn’t sleep through all the noise so I got up around 4:30 am and humored the cats with a snack. Then I then checked my incoming g-mail. Passed by the hallway window at 5:20 am; in the faint light of dawn I noticed a young hummingbird at the feeder. The early bird gets the juice and all that. Twenty minutes later I saw two of the three juveniles we often see zipping around, both trying to get a share of the banquet.

We have the feeder hung about three meters from the hallway window so we can observe them. Trouble is, they’re at the feeder so often these days we can hardly go down our hallway without scaring one or the other away. Also, I’m convinced as I watch them interacting that these young squirts burn most of their calories keeping each other away from the syrup.
They’re curious little creatures, too. One morning I was standing out on the steps at the front door and a hummer whizzed up to about a metre away and just hovered there a couple of moments examining me. Bird watching, reverse version.

4 thoughts on “Rainstorm Passes Through

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yesterday morning when I was up on our step-ladder changing the feeder, two of them came whizzing around my head, both impatient for the juice and to check out this new addition to their landscape. 🙂

      If hummingbirds fascinate you, you should check out Apronhead Lilly’s blog; she has them in her yard and even adopted a baby once. Her link is in my BLOGROLL.

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  1. There are three juveniles zooming around our feeder these days. Trouble is, wasps are also attracted to the feeder and sometimes one will “patrol” the outer ring, chasing away the little hummers that dare to linger.


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