Smoke Again

again this smoky haze
the incense of
an unwanted cleansing

Forest Fire

A thick blue haze has settled on the fields again today. We’ve shut all the windows, as the smoky air is hard to breathe. I hope you’ll pardon me if I’m boring you with all my versifying about forest fire —I find it hard not to think about it whenever I step outside.

On a positive note, two bright but very timid orioles have been snitching from our hummingbird feeder today.

5 thoughts on “Smoke Again

  1. Christine ma’am u have described it very well. These kind of natural disasters are getting levitated day by day due to our selfish, greediness and carelessness of humans and we are literally destroying our benovelent mother nature. We have to take some preventive measures and solutions to stop these natural disasters and save our planet.

    Chrisitine ma’am check out my recent blog:

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