She measures all the ingredients
with care and a practiced eye,
beats the eggs, stirs in the flour;
her cake will be light and high.

She slides the pan in the oven,
anticipates a prize,
when a peek in the oven later
shows it blithely on the rise.

But, sad to say, before it’s done
and risen light-fully,
the power fails for half an hour.
Her cake falls splendidly.

3 thoughts on “Poof!

    1. One morning when I was cooking at the Senior’s residence (small place, only a few people) something like this happened. It was 11:25 am and my dessert pudding was in the oven, potatoes and vegs on the stove ready to cook, when the power went out — and stayed out until 1:30pm.
      So our main course switched to ham & cheese sand.s and, thankfully, there was enough residual heat in the oven to finish cooking the pudding. Since this power failure hit a large rural area hereabouts, I imagine lots of cooks were gritting their teeth about their half-cooked dinners. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment.

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