Haiku: An Old Church

A Monday morning “Hello” to all and “Welcome” to all my new followers. I appreciate every one of you, my followers, and all your encouraging LIKES and COMMENTS.

I have a blog dedicated to haiku, where I’m supposed to be posting all my little verses. However, it just isn’t happening — and the next couple of months are going to be really busy for me. As casual cook at the seniors home I expect to have a lot more shifts next month, plus I’ve agreed to help an acquaintance get his book into print via Amazon Kindle.

So I’ll be posting some haiku on this blog. They may not be amazingly profound, but I hope you’ll find these little thought capsules ponder-able

stained glass windows
splashes of color
muted by dusty pews

If you’d like to read more haiku, here are several great blogs for you to check out:

The Haiku Foundation
The Heron’s Nest

6 thoughts on “Haiku: An Old Church

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Dale. I realize some people aren’t interested, in haiku or in poetry in general, but readers can skip over whatever they don’t want to read. I’ve been feeling so bogged down lately.

      I enjoy participating in Critique Circle, but it does take a few hours every week. Say, you people at Friday Fictioneers really spoiled me. 😉 Now my stories are getting a thorough going-over by folks who DON’T have the photo prompt. :()


      1. Yes, I do appreciate the feedback. There are definitely good points for each; I appreciated the encouragement from the FF gang and now I’m getting feedback from a variety of readers not “on the same page.” I’m being told, “Not enough detail here. Be more descriptive.” Etc.

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