The Plumpest Goose

The Word of the Day prompt today is SHAMBLES
Here’s my response:

O Caveat Emptor!
by me

To the shambles she made her way
to choose their goose for Christmas Day.
The butcher offered “My very best!
This bird will look delicious, dressed.
I’ll set a price you can afford.”
Her shillings in his hand she poured.
At home she learned that goose so plump
had been enhanced with a bicycle pump.


5 thoughts on “The Plumpest Goose

      1. It would be. A lot of the stories listed in the New Englander magazine were of the hilarious type you retell — just not in front of the fussiest, overly germ-conscious people.
        Like the lady who set her lovely bowl of newly mashed potatoes on the table and went back to the kitchen for the rest of the food. Delayed a few minutes, she came back to find a kitten curled up on top of the nice warm mound of potatoes. 🙂

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