Poor Groundhog

Another writer this morning mentioned that this is Groundhog Day. Here’s my condensed contribution to the fun:

determined golfer
insisting it’s spring, teed off
poor groundhog!

2 thoughts on “Poor Groundhog

    1. Having seen a photo once, we thought Phil, the official GH, was likely kept in hibernation at the Punxsutawney Town Office and brought out to pose for the occasion. But today’s Google shows some town official tending a living Phil — who doesn’t look too happy with cameras in his face. Hmph! Of what value is the prediction of a trained groundhog. Oh, well, any reason for a party.

      Since there are none here in Sask — and their cousins the prairie dogs only at the very southern edge — we can’t tell the weather by them. It’s cloudy and snowing today.and we look forward to winter until the end of March for sure. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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