Seasons of Gold LIVES!

Hear ye! Hear ye! New e-book published!Announcement

Seasons of Gold selected haiku & senryu, is now live on Amazon and I’m “over the moon.” Inserting the images has given me grief galore, but I’ve just viewed a copy on our tablet — and it looks great. Now to tell the world, “My e-book is ready for you!” A great way to celebrate National Poetry Month.
Check it out here: Link to

Seasons of Gold: selected haiku & senryu by [Goodnough, Christine]


17 thoughts on “Seasons of Gold LIVES!

  1. It looks great Christine. Well done.

    Do I see that you’ve done a sort of linked trail of haiku from a picture prompt – one leading to the next and so on? A kind of organic progression?

    I’d be most curious to know how you managed the process with pictures. I’d thought to use some, but probably not in Kindle because I felt it would be more complicated than I could cope with.

    How did you manage? (I know it could be a long answer, so don’t feel you need to dive too deep. It’s just a pointed interest of mine.

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    1. As to your first question, I found suitable pictures for the verse right under or above. A lot of these I’d used when I initially posted the verse on my blog, so they went in the book. But most pages are sort-of topical or seasonal.

      How I managed the pictures? Ah! I didn’t want to do my poems centered; I wanted them to be left-hand justified. If I’d been working with MSWord instead of WordPerfect, I could have done this, as there are oodles of “How-to” videos on You tube explaining how to insert pictures in a Word file so they’ll transfer to Kindle Create.

      In my first attempt, I inserted them directly into Kindle Create — just a click. However, they wrapped around the poem—or rather shoved one or two verses to the left of the image. I didn’t want this, so I hit the space bar. Sadly, when the book was published, though it looked okay in the previewer, on my phone I saw a lot of blank spaces under the images. 😦

      I tried inserting them into my WordPerfect file and they did transfer when I converted my file to a Word doc — but once in KC they were messed up, colours & lines blurred. So finally I did what was easiest: it’s no problem to insert images in KC if you want to center everything. 😉 Or, let the text wrap around the images. So I centered all my poems and it all worked.

      I had no problem when I did Andrew’s book, because I’d resized all my images to max. 650 pixels in width. I inserted them directly into KC and they fit and filled the screen just right so the text naturally fell underneath. But I didn’t want such large images for my haiku verses.

      This has definitely been a learning process! I’ll take some comfort if my “education” can help you somehow. 🙂

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      1. Wow. I’m a little terrified of the whole idea of pictures. I have probably 4 completed manuscripts that have pictures I’d like to use, but I worry about process, I worry about size of the document and I worry about coordinating paperback and ebook. Just those few things.

        Best luck with the book, Christine, it looks a cracker.

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      2. Hey, if I can… 😉
        However, I am considering installing MS word as my processor, if I want to do much more of this. Or maybe borrowing my son-in-law’s computer while he’s at work.
        I’m so pleased with the cover design work he did. He may dig holes in the day, but he morphs into a graphic designer when I need another cover. 🙂

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      3. Ha! Thanks for all your comments and encouragement.
        Mess around with your image editor and you’ll get the hang of it. And they’re still selling WordPerfect, by the way. I keep getting ads to buy the latest upgrade. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I hope a lot of readers will enjoy my verses. I did it for my own satisfaction as well, to gather my verses together in one book. I was aiming for 80, but kept adding “to fill in here and there,” so now there are 115!


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