Micro Fiction With A Wink

One day I came across a writing challenge based on that poignant six-word story attributed to Earnest Hemmingway. I’ve heard some folks say he didn’t pen it, but I’ sure you know the one I’m referring to;
Baby shoes for sale. never worn.

I scribbled a bunch of lines down in a notebook — written as news headlines —and have just come across them again. Which story would you choose to read?

Beanstalk chopper fined after giant crash.

Summer flies south as autumn falls.

Cereal profits down: “Snap Crackle Pop” caught in crunch.

Deaf wife applauds husband’s musical attempts.

Lawn mower for sale: bought motor home.

Small kindness done cheerfully multiplies smiles.

10 thoughts on “Micro Fiction With A Wink

  1. Okay, the first read I was completely lost and everything swooped over my head. The second time, the words just weren’t translating correctly in my head. Third read, “Oh my this was amazing!” I feel so slow now, maybe I have a lawnmower engine for a brain. lol But, I would read the story “Cereal profits down: “Snap Crackle Pop” caught in crunch,” it’s captivating and trendy. Great story!!!


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