Taking A Trip

It’s Monday morning and the Victoria Day holiday here in Canada.

Officially the celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday, over the years it’s morphed into the celebration of another long weekend. And here on the prairies, the Victoria Day weekend is considered the unofficial date for planting gardens. There are a few “cool-weather” veggies like peas and radishes that can be seeded at the the end of April, but most seeds won’t do well in the cold ground, so it’s best to wait until after Victoria Day when the ground has warmed up enough to encourage sprouting of “warm weather” seeds like carrots, corn and beans.

We retired folks don’t need a holiday weekend to take a trip, but hubby and I are planning to leave early this morning and go visit family in Moose Jaw. Last week my sister told me of some serious health issues they’ve been facing this year and we decided it’s about time to take that two-and-a-half hour trip down to visit our kin.

Do you feel like taking a trip this morning? A little bird-spotting trip to Michigan? I happened upon a blog post with the inspiring title, Housework Can Wait, so I checked out this blog and am happy to report the sighting of some beautiful birds. If you have a moment, you might enjoy one of this blogger’s Picture Walks.

9 thoughts on “Taking A Trip

    1. You’re welcome. We lived in SW Ontario for ten years and visited friends in Michigan, so I know that part, especially the UP, as we passed through may times en route home. It’s amazing how many birds I see on your blog that I also see here in south-central Saskatchewan.


  1. Yep, here in Quebec it is considered best to plan after Victoria Day or “Fête de Dollard” for the French because, yanno, Quebec is distinct and all that crap.

    Glad you are making the trip to visit your kin. I’ll be working, thank you, very much…


    1. Hi Dale. Yes it’s great to take a trip back home. Moose Jaw is such a laid-back place. 🙂
      We consider ourselves ‘distinct” here on the prairies, too, so there you go.😉
      Thanks for your comment.


      1. Well, it’s the same with us: the birthday celebration, always on a Monday, is supposedly for both queens’ birthdays, but Victoria gets the honourable mention. 🙂
        No holiday?! Here in Canada our govt & labour have gotten together and tried to give us a long weekend every month. Where there was no “official” holiday, they’ve introduced a few new ones like “Family Day”—the second Monday in February— and a Civic Holiday the first Monday in August.

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