Summer Morning

Hello again, everyone. A lovely, sunny morning greets us today, with a fine veil of white cloud in the southern sky and a light wind.  Now that the fire ban has been lifted, I could start a small fire in our outdoor fire-pit — if I cold find anything out there dry enough to burn. One of life’s ironies: when we’re allowed to burn our debris, the branches are too wet to burn.

I woke up this morning feeling like a large branch had fallen on my left big toe. I was starting to feel some pain in it yesterday evening and thought maybe a small vein had burst, but this morning I realize it’s a passing kick from “old Arthur”: gout in my big toe. So I’m hobbling around and will probably stay indoors today and maybe read, write, darn socks, and set up blog posts. I sure hope this doesn’t interfere with my rest-of-the-week activities, though.

I woke up early, got up at 6 am and came out to the kitchen to tend to our cat’s food needs. I opened the door to let Pookie out and scared away a bird from our railing — likely a wren. The daring little mites come close to the house. Later, passing by the hall window I scared an oriole at our hummer feeder. She soon came back to enjoy the fresh juice I put out yesterday evening. Passing by half an hour later I scared away a hummingbird, so I guess it is being used in the morning even if I don’t see much activity there during the day.

It was quite cool this morning so Pookie was ready to come in before long. So why is it that a cat will come dashing to the door as if they can’t wait to be inside, but stop three feet away and consider his options? Is he really ready to come in? He must look around the yard first to see if there might be anything more interesting going on outside. Only after the matter has been well pondered will he decide that, yes, he does after all want to come in. Dogs aren’t like that.

Lately I’ve been reading a interesting series of mild mysteries, the Tess & Tilly series by Kathi Daley. Tess, the main character, is a letter-carrier and helps part-time with dog training and adoptions. Tilly is her very well trained dog who helps with all these projects. Yesterday I finished the third book in this series, The Mother’s Day Mishap, which can be found on Amazon HERE if you’re interested in having a look.

Story-line: A couple of weeks before Mother’s Day Tess delivers a card to her best friend’s address, but they find it was actually meant for the previous owner, Edna. A long-lost son wants to meet and reconcile with his aged mother — who has passed away. If she can find it in her heart to forgive him, she should meet him at their special place. Tess and her friends set out to find this place and this prodigal, to tell him the bad news and also inform him that his mother’s belongings are waiting at a storage unit to be collected. Of course the card has no return address, just a Chicago postmark.

Well, I should hobble along now and see what I can accomplish today besides drinking coffee with my feet up. 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying this day.

2 thoughts on “Summer Morning

  1. Hi – enjoying the day so far
    And sorry you are hobbling along!
    Wanted to chime in with some tips for the toe

    If possible – fast from coffee for a week or two
    -drink making soda water – with some fresh lemon added if possible – and – put a dash of fresh baking soda under the tongue twice a day- it will
    Alkalize the body and is good for even anti cancer stuff!
    And try and get some gentian bitters (about 5$) and I know some folks who used tart cherry juice for their gout –

    And all human bodies benefit with some magnesium chloride under the tongue – so if it were me I would try that –

    And now for the actual toe….
    Three things to consider
    – I would add a drop of lugols iodine to it once a day and rub it in with some coconut oil
    Get some oregano oil (I like now foods brand) and put a drop of that on before bed –
    And maybe/ make a small batch of this for a foot soak:
    Sea salt
    And iodine

    Just some ideas but I am
    In a few health forums and we share tips a lot –
    Hope you have a nice rest of the week and happy writing and reading to ya


  2. Thanks for all your suggestions. Trouble is, we live an hour from the city where I might buy all that. (‘Soda I have.) Something to keep in mind for the next episode. This is my second episode; it seems to be a once-a-year thing.
    As for fasting from coffee for a week — that WOULD be a challenge.It’s my perk-up every morning. I can do some tea, but much tea would make my cysts flare up.


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