I Saw Myself

I haven’t done any writing prompts for awhile, but when I read this one — Prosery #2 at dverse poets — it connected in my mind with one character in a story I just finished, and also called to mind a real-life situation I once observed. Sadly, some people just can’t be loved out of their bitterness.

So I’m going to try working “I dreamt I was the moon” into a 144-word story.

I Saw Myself

I saw myself as the sun, drawing you into the light. I dreamt I was the moon, touching your emotions, awakening your desire to love. I imagined myself your guiding star toward a richer life.

I believed all your excuses, furious with those who’d wronged you. But instead of drawing you into the sunshine I was sucked into your gloom, not understanding how impenetrable — how willful — your darkness.

Hooked on you, I gave and gave…until our relationship broke me and I became just another burnt-out star in your black hole. I never foresaw the pain, the frustration…or that you’d leave so much darkness in me.

My father says, “Good thing he’s finally gone.” My mother sighs. “Now maybe you can start enjoying life.”

But I’ve been in the darkness for so long; it may take ages for my light to brighten again.

8 thoughts on “I Saw Myself

    1. If a person (usually female) doesn’t really feel needed by anyone, and someone comes along who has deep needs, someone who seems to want and need her, then yes, it’s easy to fall into the role of supporter/enabler. Friends try to talk some sense to her and she responds with, “But I can’t leave…he needs me!” If she gets hit by a truck tomorrow, he’ll find someone else in short order.

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  1. That’s an old, old, story – we’ve all been there, or seen it play out, we’ve all met these people – your use of language, and your themed metaphors give it such freshness, and a new spin, but don’t detract from the underlying power of the story.

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  2. I wonder how many people don’t make it out of darkness because they don’t know where the light is coming from? The human tendency when lost is to wander in circles. It’s great if someone will step in at the opportune moment and point toward the right way.
    Thanks for your comment. 🙂


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