Buoyant isn’t the Word

Hello Everyone,

The Ragtag Daily Prompt yesterday was BUOYANT. Sadly, I wasn’t feeling buoyant enough to write anything — even though it was the prompt word I chose.

I did get some suitable pictures from Pixabay to illustrate the concept, like this cute hot air balloon:


Thankfully, I’m feeling much more buoyant today and almost completely recovered from the cold & sinus woes that laid me low for almost two weeks.

But life hasn’t been bubbles of joy this month for other reasons, too, as my sister has been in hospital for over three weeks now. She went in with pneumonia & infection and had a rough time of it, according to her husband. But things were looking up; last week he thought she’d be out by the end of the week. However, when I talked to him last night, he said she’d caught another infection and would remain in hospital until the end of this week for sure, right through Christmas.

Rose had treatment for lung cancer and reacted to the first chemo, so was in hospital most of December last year. To them and their family this is going to seem like a sad repeat. I’d love to visit her but, being sick as I was, I decided it wouldn’t be a kindness. and this week I have to work more shifts. So I’ll continue to send good wishes through her husband and hope next week will bring a good day to go.

I’ve tried to contact my sister Donna several times in the last few months, but she’s either moved or cancelled her phone service. It’s during seasons of “family visits and goodwill” that I really wish for closer ties with my siblings, but we did grow up apart and live such different lives now, too. Though we always had contact and spent the summers together, I was raised by my Uncle & Aunt Forsyth from the time I was three months old, mostly several hours away from my family.

In case anyone reader is interested: My brother Jim is 11 months older than me; as children we were really close. I come second; Donna is 3 1/2 years younger. We were close, too. Rose is 5 years younger, but lived with my Aunt and Uncle, too, for three of her preschool years because of her health issues. Wilma is 6 years younger than me and Lorraine 11 years younger than me. I’ve had very little contact with the youngest two.

Now back to the present: I’m breathing easier, hacking less, and I have the day to myself. Maybe I can get some things accomplished here at home, including posting something for this morning’s Ragtag daily prompt. Here’s wishing you all vim, vigor, and a buoyant holiday week.


6 thoughts on “Buoyant isn’t the Word

  1. That is quite a family set-up. I wish your sister well. Though hospitals aren’t the best places for recovering health… ironically.
    And I love your well-wishes of vim, vigour, and a buoyant holiday week. And may I wish you the same in return. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment and wishes in return.

      Yes, we did have an interesting set-up. Like my sister Rose, I was sickly as a baby, neglected at three months old, I caught pneumonia, and my aunt & uncle took me and raised me, just never gave me back. A tug-of-war between my uncle and my dad, I suspect. No love lost there. And mom was hopeless, really, badly abused as a child and about the mental age of seven. My birth parents fought like Andy Capps — don’t mind having missed that.

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  2. Wow… that is quite the family tree, Christine.
    I wish for you and your family a wonderful Christmas (And I do hope your sister recovers. It is not fun to spend the holidays in a hospital – and like Crispina says, where people get even more sick!)

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, had my mom been better looked after and protected, she never would have gotten married. And the lot of us wouldn’t be! But her mom died when she was thirteen and her life took a serious nose dive —and didn’t improve when she married my dad. So anyway, here we are. We’ve all survived and grown old. 😉

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