Tumbling Scenes

Today’s prompt word over at Ragtag Daily Prompt is REALM

River of Time.3“Oh, a wonderful stream is the river of Time
as it runs through the realm of tears…
And blends with the ocean of years!”

From The Long Ago, by Benjamin F. Taylor

I had to think of another realm when I woke up this morning, after having had a wild, tumbling, crazy sequence of dreams. I went from playing baseball game to being bullied to walking down a road to going on our honeymoon—with our son-in-law and daughter as chauffeurs—to finding a motel room that was completely bare to another friend finding homes for boxer pups.

Dreams are indeed another realm. No one can say just how dreams come together in such a crazy quilt, with snatches of our real lives interwoven with stories we’ve read or heard. People wander through, fade in and out, morph into others. I’ve found that physical feelings like pain or a room too warm, even if not enough to wake me up, contribute to the amount and the wackiness of my dreams.

They can be interesting, that’s for sure. Some have even revealed attitudes I didn’t recognize when I was awake. Still, I sometimes think, “Blessed are they who never remember their dreams.”

What do you think?

At any rate, I’d like to invite you to pop over to the Ragtag Community and dream up some response of your own to the word REALM — which happens to be the one I suggested. 😉

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