Forsaken & Lost

weary pup
wanders down a strange road
listening for hope

Dog abandoned.pezibear
pezibear — Pixabay

I once saw a dog run at top speed and totally exhaust itself trying to catch up to the car that dumped it on a country road. Thankfully, dogs have become valuable and dog owners have become more responsible through the years, so this scenario doesn’t happen much anymore. Hopefully the day will come when no pets will be abandoned in a hostile environment to survive however they can.


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5 thoughts on “Forsaken & Lost

    1. In answer to your first question: I’m not certain, but don’t think so. I could have moved the writing up above the verse, but it really isn’t the style of a haibun — which seems to me is more of an experience. Best check out what they’re supposed to look like at one of the online journals.

      I’m sad to hear that it still happens, though the incident I saw happened along our road some time ago. Yes people should be charged, but pet owners find themselves in a bind when they can’t give an older pet away, they have to pay the SPCA xxx dollars to leave an animal there, and/or the SPCA just doesn’t have room. Euthanasia costs big bucks.

      None of this is an excuse, but I understand why people consider abandoning the animal. One day my daughter was visiting at our house on the edge of Saskatoon and had left the car door open; A long, lean dog crawled in and wouldn’t come out, evidently hoping it could get back home in this car. Did it stray from an owner or was it abandoned, we never knew. We had to get the Animal Control person out. Poor pooch looked so lost and forlorn. So sad!

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      1. I guess I was just thinking out loud.

        It does. I’m sure not all that often but still. I have trouble with that whole dumping thing. They should have sites where you can bring dogs without it costing you an arm and a leg.

        Sad all the way ’round.

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