Tattered Dreams

a row of trees
half killed by winter winds
tattered summer dreams

9 thoughts on “Tattered Dreams

    1. Glad you enjoyed the imagery. Homesteaders came with high hopes, but the winds blasted their dreams and drove a lot of them off the land.

      Here on the prairie we have many rows of trees planted in the 1930s as shelterbelts, but a lot of farms were abandoned finally, leaving the trees to survive as best they could. The tough Russian caraganas have thrived. But they’ve been damaged by the elements; with age and no care some look pretty sad.

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      1. Human invasion wasn’t the main problem, but human ignorance of prairie soil. People from wetter climates tried to farm the prairies like they were used to, with deep plowing in the fall — which depleted the soil of what little moisture it did get. the 30s drought came and the soil blew away.

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