Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning:  MOVIE
Word of the Day prompt:  RIFF

Like a boring old movie
the neighbors are at it again
that weary riff of picking
at past gripes and hurts,
festering wounds.

If only they could peek
into the dark years to come,
get a glimpse of “future me.”
If they could feel how lonely
life can be when you’re
left. Forgotten. Alone.

Having worked in seniors’ and nursing homes myself, I think everyone should have to spend six months working in one. Here’s where you clearly see the truth of “What goes around, comes around” and “You reap what you sow.”

5 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Lonlieness is awful, I watch my Mother struggle and be sad. She is at home, 88 yrs young, no meds spotlessly clean and fitter than I. Since Dad went, she is obviously lonely, but will not mix or try. She is forgetful and repetitive, which comes from not having any interests so no conversation. The less she talks the worse this gets. I live 50 min away and try to go for the day once a fortnight. My two sisters who live near pop in most nights for a cuppa on their way home. One takes her Sat shopping the other Sunday lunch. So we each do what we can but Mum never mixed and will not even now. If she would come with me, she would see, there are lovely people to spend time with and talk to but she won’t. Dad would be cross if he could see her wasting this precious time. Not all lonely people are lonely because of situation but fear of trying. I love your post and you are right it would do evryone good to see what it is like nearing the end. I came from Esme salon and will drop by again. X

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, there are folks like your mom, too. I have a cousin much the same: no hobbies, no interests in anyone but herself. Years ago folks were isolated by handicaps like hearing and sight, but technology has helped a lot of people in that regard. But as you say, you can’t make people take an interest in others. A good lesson for us younger ones.

      On the other hand, I’ve another friend who had no time to develop a hobby, but loves to visit. Which is great, except in her old age she was spending a lot of time alone and had nothing to do but talk on the phone. Now in a nursing home, which is the best place for her.


      1. I will keep active and do things separate to my husband so when or if he goes first I will be able to call in the company of friends. It also keeps marriages fresh, having outside interests to discuss. X

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