Back When I Was Ten…

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is JIVE

This prompt takes me back many a year, through the winding trails of my memory cells to the CHILDHOOD section and the SUMMER drawer in my mind-files, where I pull out the summer-holidays-at-the-swimming-pool folder. there was a Concession booth, a juke box in front, a large cement pad, and teen girls jiving to the recordings.

Teen boys? I don’t recall any on the dance pad. I suspect few ever attempted to dance with the girls — teen boys are that way. Or at least they were. A few shy attempts maybe.

Back to the dictionary now, where my eyes slip down to another meaning of the word— the #1 meaning actually: glib, deceptive, or foolish talk.

Apparently there’s always been some confusion between JIVE and JIBE, as the following tale indicates.

A nineteen-year-old male was apprehended early this morning inside a closed doughnut shop. Responding to a call from a motorist who noticed a moving light in the store, police officers arrived at 2:10 am and arrested the young man for break & enter. He’d reportedly consumed several doughnuts and a can of pop and was on his second when police arrived.

The suspect maintains that he was passing the drive-through window on the way home from a friend’s house and noticed the window open a crack. Concerned that a thief may have entered and be in the process of looting the store, he climbed in the window to prevent the theft. He claims he was relieved to discover that this was not the case, but admits that he did help himself to some product. “Payback of a sort,” he contends.

Police officers claim that his story doesn’t jive with the facts. Two employees verified that the drive-through window was locked before they left the premises. Also, the officers discovered a crowbar behind a shrub nearby, and evidence that it had been used to pry open the window.  The crowbar is being held as evidence in the case.

The suspect initially claimed to know nothing about the tool, but officers rejected this as all jive. In spite of his avowal that he was attempting to prevent a robbery, fingerprints taken at the scene indicate that the suspect did make some attempt to open the till.

According to prosecuting attorney, Bette B. Have, the young man’s story simply won’t wash in court. “It doesn’t compute,” she stated. “Not with that crowbar near the window and his fingerprints on the till.”

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