Oh Joy! Another New Word

The Ragtag Daily Prompt for today is SKIMPY

I suppose I could stretch this word to cover our morning snowfall. Huge fluffy snowflakes drifted down for a couple of hours, but altogether they made only a SKIMPY covering on our steps and tiles. And now the sun has come out to melt them away.

As my blog post title reveals, when I looked this word in the M-W Thesaurus I discovered among the synonyms a word I’ve never heard before. Maybe I’ll use it for a writing prompt someday. However, it wouldn’t be one you’d insert into a normal conversation unless your listener was especially erudite.

excessively scanty; inadequate
hand-to-mouth, meager, scant, scanty, skimpy, slim, spare, sparse.

As in:
The young tree clung to the hillside, sucking an exiguous life from the rocky soil in which it had sprung up.

Photo: analogicus — Pixabay


6 thoughts on “Oh Joy! Another New Word

    1. I do like words! Maybe I’m foolish, but I’ve been visiting and renovating one of my old sites with the thought of posting “A word or phrase for each day.”
      I get lots of brain waves that fizzle, but if I go ahead with it, my byline will be “A choice blend of fine words and phrases.”

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  1. Thank you — glad to know it has appeal. This blog was once Swallow in the Wind and subtitled, “Poetry, anecdotes, and nature notes,” so you’ll find a lot of that. I plan to include a quote, poem, or bit of prose containing the chosen word. Some will be some more challenging, a lot of regulars with definitions and connections.

    As you know, there are so many interesting WORDS to examine! This site can be a writing prompt if people want to do that. I’m thinking of trying this in 2020 and see how I get along, but for now I’ve chosen to keep this aspect separate from my main blog in case the writing prompt idea gains followers.


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