A Storm with a Slurrrp…

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is MAELSTROM

I confess…I have been a lazy reader when it comes to this word.  I’ve seen it different times and just read it as STORM without ever verifying. But thanks to Ragtag prompter Curious Cat putting it before my eyes this morning, I’m forced at last to look it up.

And I was wrong. It’s actually a whirlpool — or a storm that acts like a whirlpool, where people get sucked up — or down, if you will — into the boiling clouds or swirling waters (of anger, of fear.) Political opinion is the perfect illustration of a maelestrom. 😉

Borrowing this explanation from Merriam-Webster:
Maelstrom comes from an early Dutch proper noun that literally meant “turning stream.” The original Maelstrom is a channel that has dangerous tidal currents located off the northwest coast of Norway. The word became popularized in the general vocabulary of English in reference to a powerful whirlpool, or something akin to one, in the 19th century.

Live and learn. 🙂

Wave.Gerd Altmann
         Gerd Altmann  —  Pixabay



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