7 thoughts on “Broken

  1. My husband grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where there used to be wolves. He says most of the scary stories you hear are just not true. Like most animals, they avoid humans most of the time.

    I’ve seen wolves in enclosed habitats. Makes me want to go set them free.

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    1. Thanks for your comments. Yes, a lot of the stories are to frighten rather than inform of actual behaviour.
      I wrote this verse remembering a horrid little zoo in a small city. The animals in their tiny enclosures merely existed, probably quite insane, pacing back and forth ceaselessly all day long.

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      1. DNA studies show all breeds of dogs originate with the wolves, although the taming occurred in several different places at different times. All agree that it occured early in the last glacial maximum (Upper Paleolithic, I suppose that is)


      2. Thanks for your comment. Undoubtedly they are genetically linked. I’m not so “up on this” but it could lead to a “Which came first, the dog or the wolf?” discussion. going back thousands of years, it may be hard to decide. But it’s amazing just how many varieties of dogs have been developed from the same original DNA.

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