The Way We Were

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is REMOTE

This word is a Siamese twin to REMOVE, having been split from the Latin removēre to remove, and it means far removed in space, time, or relation.

Synonyms: fragile, negligible, slight, slim, small

One example:
There’s a remote possibility that our lives and standard precautions will return to the way they were before the spread of COVID19.

Log Cabin.Free PixSome people say the best way to avoid the coming catastrophe that will devastate the Earth is to head off to some remote woods. Once they find a quiet corner, they’ll build a cabin, dig up a garden plot, buy chickens and goats, and live a self-sustaining lifestyle.
Virtuous as it sounds, this plan will work until one of the homesteaders has a life-threatening health issue. Then, if they’re sensible, they’ll head for the nearest hospital. At times dreams and visions must bend to reality.