I’ve been looking through my jotted-down haiku verses again and pulled out this one. I decided it works best as a one-liner.

change of address note the wife’s name whited out

7 thoughts on “White-out

  1. This single line haiku is quite chilling due to “the” rather than ‘my’ or ‘her’ or ‘his’ or ‘their’.

    The intriguing technique of a pivot/hinge word of ‘note’ is well crafted. It can be seen as both:

    a ‘change of address note’

    and also:

    a ‘change of address’ note how their wife’s name has been whited out.

    Very strong work, and suitably disturbing.

    On a very sad note, the author of two one-line haiku collections, Stuart Quine, died today.


    change of address note the wife’s name whited out

    Christine Goodnough

    warmest regards

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    1. Thank you for your detailed comment. Yes, I thought that making the hinge on “note” would give it the double sense i wanted. Now the reader has to guess what happened to the poor wife. 😉

      Sorry to hear about the death of a fellow poet.

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