Sandwich Spread

Sandwich.freeThe Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is SANDWICH

You’re all welcome to join the fun and post a poem, prose, photo, pertaining to the noble SANDWICH. And since I was the one who offered this prompt, I’d better respond, too. Here’s a little story my mom-in-law once told.

Years ago a busy mother, approaching middle age and broadening her…er…personal horizon, was visiting her doctor and he was concerned about her weight problem. (This was back in the 50s, while it was politically okay for a doctor to mention such things.)

“Your heart’s under too much strain, Helen. I think for your heart, and for the good of your overall health, that you’d better take off some of that weight.”

Helen sighed. “I’ve tried cutting back, but I just can’t seem to lose a pound. Even when I eat less and am on the run all day, I still don’t lose weight.”

“What foods do you normally eat?”

“Whatever I can put between two slices of bread.”

“Ah!” The doctor smiled. “Let’s start there.”

8 thoughts on “Sandwich Spread

  1. Hah! And by the way, the doctors still can tell you that you need to… my sisters’ doctor will tell them, when they say, not matter what they do, they can’t lose weight, “have you considered eating less”?

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  2. On one of our walks, my daughter asked me what I’d brought for lunch. Chicken sandwich, I said. But you don’t eat bread, she said in return. She laughed when she saw what I’d done. I’m on keto, fats okay, carbs are not. So I’d sandwiched a thick layer of butter between two hefty slices of chicken breast. Chicken sandwich.

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