Precipice Prudence

The Ragtag Daily Prompt is PRECISE
The Discover prompt for today: HANDS
The Word of the Day challenge: BOUNCE
This verse can also be my contribution to National Poetry Month


         Sheer Folly!

When you stand
at the pinnacle of a precipice
be prudent and precise
where you put your feet
lest some slight slip
send you sliding;
down the slippery slope
you’ll bounce and tumble
like a stone
to a crunching crash below.

Hands won’t help,
Precipice storyno handrails anywhere,
no grasping at the rushing air
will stop you. Only wings
would save you then,
and those you lack
so stand well back.
Don’t risk a fall for folly.

Likewise in life,
this panorama
of time and space
through which we tread,
be prudent and precise
where you put your feet.

3 thoughts on “Precipice Prudence

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’ve been debating leaving off the last few lines off, just leaving the metaphor — I think the poem would be better. Do you think so?

      So sad about the “not-accidental” falls; people get so discouraged, never dreaming what better things could be ahead. My niece, under a desperate cloud, jumped off a bridge one day about twelve years back — and amazingly some shrubs below saved her from injury except to her ankles. The dark cloud of the day passed on and she’s now so thankful she survived.

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