Whelm &Overwhelm

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is OVERWHELMED

Of course my first question was: If a person can be OVERwhelmed, can they be just plain WHELMED? And Merriam-Webster says, yes they can.

The meaning is much the same:
to turn something –such as a dish or vessel– upside down usually to cover something : to cover or engulf completely with usually disastrous effect
ike smothering a candle flame with a snuffer.
To be whelmed means to be covered with something, or to be overcome with a thought, feeling, or other. As in OVERWHELMED by grief.
I was amazed to discover that the verb WHELVE means about the same:
to turn (as a dish or vessel) upside down usually to cover something. You can WHELVE your food dish with a cover to keep the food clean.

And now for an inspiring thought:

Desmond Tutu.quote
          Image by Connie Horne  —  Pixabay