Viral Verses

Perhaps it’s time to post a few haiku about our current situation?

the virus toll
on busy freeways
one car each


a viral joke
from balcony to balcony
laughter ripples


10 thoughts on “Viral Verses

    1. There must be a news story behind that one? At least I hope it isn’t illegal for children to play. A friend’s granddaughter just got a ticket and fine because she was driving several friends somewhere — not socially distant enough in the car.

      One “game” they won’t be playing now is “Chicken.” At least they’d have to wait a long time for a car to come. 🙂

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      1. There was no formally passed law. It was a regulation announced without any legal backing. I was impressed with the sensible way the townspeople reacted, and if the snitch has any common sense, he/she will keep a low profile. All we need right now is for ordinary people to start informing on their neighbors. We have learned nothing at all from history.

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