The King’s Rousing Speech

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is Abstract in Black & White

I’m not sure exactly how to demonstrate this, so I’ll respond with a bit of whimsy.

          Image by Felix Mittermeier — Pixabay

The King’s Rousing Address to His Pawns

All right you pawns, listen closely! I am the King. I’m the Leader, Monarch, Head of State, Supreme Ruler and all that. My job is to direct operations here and tell you what to do. Your job is to obey my orders implicitly, never doubting my wisdom. Got that?

I may be limited in my movements, but any remarks about “the lame old King” shall be treated as any other treason. Likewise, though Her Royal Highness the Queen may fly around freely, any comments about her being domineering or solipsistic will be punished. She does her part in the battle and has many captures to her credit.

As we head into the battle your duty is to prepare the way and, whenever necessary, encircle your King. You must be vigilant at all time to protect me from capture, defending me at whatever cost to yourselves. Should this involve the noble act of dying for King and country, fear not. I shall duly reward you with a medal, presented posthumously.

It’s also your duty to defend the Royal Family from any opprobrium on the home front, demonstrating unquestioning loyalty at all times. This is a monarchy, not a democracy — remember that — and critical speech will not be tolerated. Should the town criers report anything uncomplimentary about any member of the Royal Family, the offenders shall be silenced promptly. Should any peasant, or peasants, suggest that your King is conceited or lacking intelligence, or mention that the Queen is chasing after fair knights and bishops, the accusers shall be skewered and thrown to the sea monster in the moat.

Go forth now with the blessing of your King, who’s counting on you to perform your duties with vim and vigor. If any messengers have anything to report about the battle or specific casualties, I shall be in the counting house, counting the national income. Thus shall I do my best to ensure that you all receive your proper wages. Her Royal Highness shall attend to the packing of the royal household, lest a sudden castling prove necessary.

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