White-Rain Morning

Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning: NOMAD
Jibber Jabber with Sue: TIME
Word of the Day: TRADITION

By tradition, May is the time for sunny days, blooming tulips, birds flitting to and fro as they make their nests cozy. So why am I seeing snowflakes coming down, alternately with drizzle? I look out the window at the white-dusted roof of our garage and sigh.

Gray clouds, nomads from the icy lands up north, blew in on a stiff wind yesterday, rattling our home and raining on us. This morning they’ve settled in to give us some serious WEATHER. On one hand, I sure could do without this. On the other, a prairie person never complains about precipitation in spring, no matter what form it arrives in. Wasn’t I just saying a couple of days ago that we really need rain?

It’s not that cold, though; the snow’s melting rather than turning the ground white. Which means we likely won’t have a white Mother’s Day tomorrow. For everyone in North America and whoever else may be celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow, I hope you Moms have a lovely day no matter what the weather brings.

I decided to check out the new “Block editor” on my post this morning, which is why I can’t justify this post.  I don’t know why they decided to omit that feature, but I’m going back to the “good old way” after this, if I can.