White-Rain Morning

Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning: NOMAD
Jibber Jabber with Sue: TIME
Word of the Day: TRADITION

By tradition, May is the time for sunny days, blooming tulips, birds flitting to and fro as they make their nests cozy. So why am I seeing snowflakes coming down, alternately with drizzle? I look out the window at the white-dusted roof of our garage and sigh.

Gray clouds, nomads from the icy lands up north, blew in on a stiff wind yesterday, rattling our home and raining on us. This morning they’ve settled in to give us some serious WEATHER. On one hand, I sure could do without this. On the other, a prairie person never complains about precipitation in spring, no matter what form it arrives in. Wasn’t I just saying a couple of days ago that we really need rain?

It’s not that cold, though; the snow’s melting rather than turning the ground white. Which means we likely won’t have a white Mother’s Day tomorrow. For everyone in North America and whoever else may be celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow, I hope you Moms have a lovely day no matter what the weather brings.

I decided to check out the new “Block editor” on my post this morning, which is why I can’t justify this post.  I don’t know why they decided to omit that feature, but I’m going back to the “good old way” after this, if I can.

11 thoughts on “White-Rain Morning

  1. we were supposed to get some snow, but its a bright, blue-sky day, although a bit nippy.

    There is an alignment feature in the Block Editor. Mine shows up across the top of whatever I’m writing; sometimes, above each paragraph. It doesn’t look the same as the old one, but if you put your cursor on anything you don’t understand, you will find it. I’ve been using the Block for sometime now. It takes some getting-used-to, and I figure about the time I learn it, they’ll change it up again 🙂

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  2. Ah yes, snow. Those of us who live in North America certainly know to expect it anytime. We’ve had it in every month except July as far as I know. No planting until after the May long weekend this year and even then, In Canada, the Victoria Day holiday is early, so it’ll be a bit yet. Sigh.

    I did some posts through the Block Editor, but I have returned to the Classic one. It’s good enough for what I want to do.

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    1. Yes, that’s always been our guide, though a friend of mine in Manitoba said she never “safely” set out tomatoes before the middle of June.
      Prairie weather was extremely weird in the 30’s. In Pierre Berton’s book on the Depression years, I read about one hail storm in July that left a good strip of southern Alberta covered with eight inches of ice. 🙂

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